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Dokusu art organisation established in Istanbul-Turkiye by marbling artist Fatih Yesil in 2007 for to help those people who are interested in marbling art in Turkiye and all over the world. We manage the marbling art education seminars and exhibitions  in “Tarih ve Tabiat” foundation in Istanbul and in some other countries such as Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine since we established. The aim of Dokusu Art education seminars is teaching and keeping alive the Turkish marbling art in traditional way as the same as in history. We believe art is the most important instrument for to breake misunderstandings between the different cultures in nowadays global world. We also believe it is necessary to do something for keeping alive marbling art in the original field of handmade book binding.

Dokusu Art prepare some special marbled paper collections especially for book binders in all over the world. It is possible to buy real Turkish marbling art paper in this web site directly from the artist. Every piece of marbling art work in our web site maden traditional way, acid-casein free colors and materials, thats why our marbled paper different from other “marbled paper” in Europe, US and other countries about the colors and patterns, also our marbling works has longer life than other “inorganic” marbled paper.

If you are interested in marbling art and our works, we would be happy to share our knowledge with everybody for a better world.

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