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There are different kind of modern and traditional Turkish marbling art works of artist Fatih Yesil in this gallery pages.


It’s a kind of marbling which is made by transferring patterns becoming without stepped in dyes sprinkled to vessel. For such  marbled papers it is insufficient to say that these patterns are created by only the performers no matter how they are talented or advanced in marbling.Marbling artist himself is one of the reasons such as water or dye.Of course, for perceiving eye,Külli İrade(Unlimited Will) is clear in everything but especially in Battal marbling, Unlimited Will can be sen more clearly.


It’s a type of marbling found by departed Necmeddin Okyay as it can be understood from the name and called Necmeddin Marbling as well.Even though some artists  tried to perform flower patterns in marbling vessel they couldn’t be successful till Necmeddin Okyay came out.The samples of this type of marbing made during Necmeddin Okyay time.He performed flower pattern in marbling such as tulip,violet,hyacinth,tulip bud and chrysanthemum..Floral marbled papers are made by resembling flower pattern and making patterned circled dyes with the help of stick in different sizes which are in definite greatnes by dropping little on the marbling vessel prepared with 3 different tunes of the same color.


It’s an important marbling type found by departed Sir Mehmet who was the orator of Ayasofya Mosque and so ‘orator marbling’is called his name.It was the most important reason for transferring to floral marbling as it brought different patterns in marbling and it was the first.It’s performed by making different shapes with the help of stick to circled shapes made after dropping many colors one within the other.It can be used as frame for calligraphy sides.’fortune’s wheel’orator marbling is the most known type.



It’s a pectened marbling pattern made with the help of pecten after performing ebb and flow marbling.After touching pecten tines to the water it is performed vertical to ebb and flow and by not shaking your hand while pulling.If you pull pecten opposite side by sliding it, opposite pectened marbling is made.This type of marbling is used in Europe as well.

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